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Chime Achievement Certificate

Use these parchment paper certificates to recognize Chime choir involvement. Each sheet measures 11" x 8-1/2". These certificates are available in packages of 1, 10 or 24.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5281 Package of 1 $0.75
5283 Package of 24 $9.95
5282 This item is not available. $4.95  

Christmas Bell Tree Ceramic Ornament

2019's ceramic ornament is ready to adorn your tree! Perfect for your tree or as a gift for that special ringer. Ribbon included for hanging. Approximiately 3" in diameter.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5830 Christmas Bell Tree $7.95

Christmas Bell Tree Post Card Pack

Blank just for your greeting, enough cards to wish your whole choir your best! save on postage with 4x6 postcard size. Pack of 20.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5240 Christmas Bell Tree Postcard Pack $7.95

Christmas Elves Cards

The happiest elves are ones who are ringing!  Share the joy of the Christmas season with with these adorable elves.  Cards are 5"x 7" and include matching envelopes.  Inside:  Have Your "Elf" a Merry Little Christmas.

Also available Elves Ornament, Elves Button & Elves Rectangular Magnet.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5214 12 per pack $6.95

Christmas Kitten Cards

Send your greetings with a charming card in a matching red envelope (interior says " Have a Purrfect Christmas!")

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5218 12 per pack $6.95

Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry

These lapel pins and earrings are a great way to accent any outfit and show off your love for handbells. Great gift ideas. Gift boxes are available for purchase with which to present your jewelry.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5509 Cloisonne Handbell Earrings $9.95
5510 Single Cloisonne Handbell Lapel Pin $4.95
5520 Crossed Handbells Lapel Pin $4.95
5521 This item is not available. $3.95  

Coffee Latte Mug

Fun new design on a rich blue ceramic mug- makes a great gift or treat for yourself! 16oz. Look closely for the bells! Microwave safe, hand wash.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5377 16 oz $8.00

Coffee Red Thermal Travel Mug

This rich red thermal mug holds 20 oz of your favorite drink (though there’s a hint at which on the outside!). Acrylic outer with stainless inner liner and press-fit lid. Double wall construction insulates beverage. Hand wash only.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5363 20 oz $10.95

Corduroy Tote Bag

Our large, gold-embroidered, corduroy tote bag is both practical and stylish. It features 3 inside pockets, a muslin lining and sturdy straps that fit easily over your shoulder. Perfect for transporting your notebooks, gloves, mallets and other handbell or handchime accessories to rehearsals and performances.

Approximate measurements:

  • Height 13"
  • Base 11" x 4"
  • Handle 1" wide 35" long
  • Design 4.5"
  • Inside pockets for gloves and pencils

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5650 Black $14.95
5651 Navy $14.95
5652 Burgundy $14.95

Crystal Handbell Egg Pendant

Our Fabergé-inspired handbell egg pendants replicate the timeless tradition of Peter Carl Fabergé, whose masterpieces were sought by czars and the nobility of his era, and are still treasured today. They are carefully handcrafted in the United States by master Russian jewelers from sterling silver cores with 24K vermeil, Swarovski crystals, fine Italian enamels and a variety of semi-precious stones.

Available ONLY in black enamel, these fine pendants can be worn on a chain of your choice or suspended from our matching Chatelaine Pins, which are created with the same care as the pendants and designed to showcase your pendant perfectly.

Do not miss the opportunity show your love of handbells by wearing one of the finest pieces of handbell-inspired jewelry ever, available only through Jeffers Handbell Supply, Inc.
Approximate size: 1 1/4 inches high, 1/2 inches wide.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5081 Black with Black Handle $125.00
5086 Black with White Handle $99.00
5082 This item is not available. $125.00  
5083 This item is not available. $125.00  
5084 This item is not available. $125.00  
5085 This item is not available. $125.00  
5087 This item is not available. $99.00  
5088 This item is not available. $99.00  
5089 This item is not available. $99.00  
5090 This item is not available. $99.00  

Directors Pencil

The red/blue Director's Pencil is useful to make corrections and emphasize notes. Perfect gift idea for your favorite Director.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1469 Red/Blue Lead $0.50

Eighth Note Bookmark

This bookmark is made of sturdy base metal with 24K gold plating. Every time you return to your reading, this unique bookmark will be there to greet you! This bookmarks would make an enduring gift or a quality addition to your library accessories. It measures approximately 3 inches long.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5891 24K Goldplate $3.95

Elf Workshop Ceramic Ornament

Have you been naughty or nice?  These two mischievous elves are hard at work making sure your bells are ready to ring this Christmas season.  This ceramic ornament is the latest in our collection and makes a wonderful gift for your ringers.  Ribbon included.  3" in diameter.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5886 Ceramic $6.95

Enamel Lapel Pins

These enamel lapel pins are a great way to accent any outfit for any occasion.  Also makes a great gift idea for a ringer or director.  Choose from Handbell Choir (# 5504) or Chime Choir (#5501). Gift boxes are available for purchase with which to present your jewelry.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5501 Chime Choir $3.95
5504 Handbell Choir $6.95

Essentials of Music Theory

In this all-in-one theory course, you will learn the essentials of music through concise lessons, practice your music reading and writing skills in the exercises, improve your listening skills with the ear-training CDs, and test your knowledge with the review that completes each unit.

  • The Complete Student book is a spiral-bound book that includes all 75 lessons found in Volumes 1-3 and 2 Ear-Training CDs.
  • The Teacher’s Answer Key is a spiral-bound book that includes answers for the Lesson and Review pages, music for the Ear-Training pages in Volumes 1-3 of the Student Books, and 2 Ear-Training CDs.
  • Book 1 (Lessons 1-25): Staff, Notes and Pitches; Treble & Bass Clefs; Grand Staff & Ledger Lines; Note Values; Measure, Bar Line and Double Bar; 2/4, 3/4 & 4/4 Time Signatures; Whole, Half & Quarter Notes/Rests; Dotted Half & Quarter Notes; Ties & Slurs; Repeat Sign, 1st & 2nd Endings; Eighth Notes & Rests, Dynamic Signs, Tempo Marks & Articulation; D.C., D.S., Coda & Fine; Flats, Sharps & Naturals; Whole & Half Step; Enharmonic Notes.
  • Book 2 (Lessons 26-50): Tetrachords & Major Scales; Key Signatures; Chromatic Scale; Intervals, Circle of Fifths; Perfect, Major & Minor Intervals; Augmented & Diminished Intervals; Solfège & Transposition; Sixteenth Notes & Rests; Dotted Eighth Notes & Eighth Note Triplets; Common Time & Cut Time; 3/8 & 6/8 Time Signatures; Pick-up Notes & Syncopation; Primary & Major Triads; Scale Degree Names; Dominant 7th Chord.
  • Book 3 (Lessons 51-75): 1st & 2nd Inversions of Triads; Inversions of V7 Chords; Figured Bass; Major Chord Progressions; Minor Scales & Minor Triads; Augmented & Diminished Triads; Primary Triads in Minor Keys; Minor Chord Progressions; Modes; Harmonizing a Melody in Major and Minor Keys; Broken Chords & Arpeggiated Accompaniments; Passing and Neighboring Tones; Composing a Melody in Major and Minor Keys; 12-Bar Blues Chord Progression & Blues Scale; Basic Forms of Music.

Also available:  Double Bingo games; Reproducible Teacher's Activity Kits, Flash Cards, and Interactive Software available from Alfred Publishing.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1450 Essentials of Music Theory Complete Student Book $34.99

Fashion Handbell Charm

This pair of bells makes an impressive charm that will be sure to please. They are approximately 1" in length and available in 24K gold plate and palladium (a non-tarnishing silver tone). Gift boxes are available for purchase with which to present your jewelry. We also have earrings made from these lovely charms.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5460 Gold Plate $2.95
5461 Palladium $2.95

Fashion Handbell Earrings

We offer dangling, dazzling earrings in wire (surgical steel), post (surgical steel) and a clip-on with an adjustable screw back. They are approximately 1" in length. These beautiful earrings are available in 24K gold plate and palladium (a non-tarnishing silver tone). Gift boxes are available for purchase with which to present your jewelry.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5464 Gold-Plate, Wire $5.95
5465 Gold-Plate, Post $5.95
5466 Gold-Plate, Clip-on $5.95
5467 Palladium, Wire $5.95
5468 Palladium, Post $5.95
5469 Palladium, Clip-on $5.95

Fashion Scarf

"Jazz" up your fashion wardrobe with this fun and fashionable scarf!  Gold notes and White staff on a navy blue background.  60" x 17".  100% polyester.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5610 Navy with Gold Notes on White Staff $12.99

"Foundations in Ringing" Handbell Notation Sheet Lifter

This sheet lifter is two helpful references in one! One side shows handbell notation symbols and techniques, while the other is a "cheat sheet" of general music terms and symbols.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1256 Handbell Notation Guide $3.00

"Foundations in Ringing" - Standard Position Guide

Easy to read reference guide of standardized ringing positions for 2-5 octaves of handbells or handchimes.  61 notes are clearly marked on the Grand Staff with 2, 3, 4, & 5-octave ranges separated by color breaks.  Two-sided notation: sharps on the front, flats on the back.  Laminated and hole-punched to fit a standard 3-ring binder.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1259 Standard Handbell & Handchime Position Guide $3.00

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