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Foam Pads

Our quality control maintains consistent dimensions for our foam pads so you don't have to worry about ridges between blocks. Available in 3 thicknesses: 2" thick foam is recommended for groups using only chimes; 3" thick foam allows gentle table techniques; 4" thick foam is preferred for more advanced table techniques. The density is specialized for ringing and selected by experienced directors. We use a standard 30" width and offer both 36" and 48" lengths. Within the overall dimensions of the foam, we can cut to custom length and width. For more information contact us at 1-800-JHS-BELL (1-800-547-2355).

We also offer Muslin Foam Pad Covers to protect your foam pads.
Purchase any foam pad and receive $5 off our Foam Travel Bag.

Foam Pad shipping ratesto a church or commercial address is $20 per piece; shipping to a residential address is $25 per piece.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3030 Cutting Charge $2.00
3032 30"x36"x2" Rectangle $50.00
3032T 30"x36"x2" Trapezoid $50.00
3033 30"x36"x3" Rectangle $75.00
3033T 30"x36"x3" Trapezoid $75.00
3034 30"x36"x4" Rectangle $75.00
3034T 30"x36"x4" Trapezoid $75.00
3043 30"x48"x3" Rectangle
 $105.00  $95.00
3044 30"x48"x4" Rectangle $120.00
3044T 30"x48"x4" Trapezoid $120.00
3065 Call for Pricing $0.00
3043T This item is not available.
 $105.00  $95.00

Foam Travel Bags

Keep your foam safe when traveling or in storage with our bags, made of oxford nylon, that folds compactly when not in use. Wide nylon shoulder straps and a handgrip add to convenience. Bags accommodate 12" of foam thickness.

We also offer Muslin Foam Pad Covers.

Receive $5 off our Travel Bags when you purchase any of our Foam Pads.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3003 Fits 30" x 36" Foam $44.95
3004 Fits 30" x 48" Foam $59.95

Folding Table, 6'

This convenient six-foot table is 30" wide x 72" long x 29" high. It folds in the middle, weighs only 30 lbs., and has a handhold for easy transport, making this one of the most versatile tables available. When evenly distributed, this table can hold up to 1500 lbs. Color may vary slightly from image.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3797 30" x 6' $135.00

Jeffers "Almost Perfect" Handbell Table

The new version of our table is even CLOSER to perfect! Tabletops are constructed of spliced natural birch (domestically grown), which is shaped and edge-coated. The edges are routed and smooth with a more squared-off corner, and larger center handholds make handling easier. Tables come fully assembled, including legs, which adjust from 28" to 42". Both the 3' Rectangular Table (30" x 36") and the 3' Trapezoid Table (30" x 30" x 36") weigh 25 lbs. We also offer Foam Pads to fit either shape.

Flat rate shipping for tables: to a church or commercial address is $40 per table; shipping to a residential address is $50 per table.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3791 30" x 30" x 36" Trapezoid $280.00
3792 30" x 36" Rectangle $280.00
3781 This item is not available. $275.00  
3782 This item is not available. $275.00  

Malmark Table

Malmark created this table specifically for Handbell ringing. This three-foot table is 30" wide x 36" long x 28-1/2" high. No handle. Weight is 21 lbs. We also offer Foam Pads to fit.

IMPORTANT Shipping Information:

  • Malmark tables are shipped directly from Malmark (located in PA)
  • Allow approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • Shipping costs are charged by Malmark.
  • Shipping costs range from $66 to $140 PER TABLE.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3793 3 foot $245.00
3797x This item is not available. $129.95  

Mitylite Tables

MityLite Tables have been the market standard for over 25 years! Lightweight and durable, these well-designed rectangle tables provide a great return on investment and many years of reliable use. They are easy to set up, take down, and store, saving you money on maintenance, labor, and replacement costs.

The frame is powder-coated steel with a textured beige ABS plastic tabletop that can hold ~ 2000 pounds when the weight is evenly distributed. The 24" wide tables feature T-shaped, conference-style legs (shown in image) which adjust in 1” increments from 19" tall to 32" tall. The 30" wide tables come with non-adjustable, wishbone-style legs (not shown), in either the standard height of 29" tall or 30" tall; please specify when ordering. Adjustable legs are available for 30" wide tables for an additional charge (included in the price below).

Delivery time is approximately 4 to 5 weeks.

Don't forget the Foam Pads to protect your bells.

IMPORTANT Shipping Information: These tables are shipped from Orem, UT to your location. Due to the size of the tables, they cannot be shipped through UPS or FedEx; they must be shipped via freight truck. Whether you order a single table or multiple tables, there is a 'minimum truck fee' to ship them, and you should budget at least $200 to $250 for shipping. A loading dock is necessary to unload the tables; if there is no loading dock at your location, you can request a lift-gate on the delivery truck for an additional $50. The final cost of shipping on your invoice will be the actual amount that it costs to ship the product to you.



Item # Detail Price Qty.
3764 4' x 24" wide; 30 lbs $586.00
3765 5' x 24" wide; 37 lbs $552.00
3766 6' x 24" wide; 38 lbs $601.00
3774 4' x 30" wide; 35 lbs $509.00
3775 5' x 30" wide; 40 lbs $537.00
3775A 5' x 30" wide; 40 lbs $568.00
3776 6' x 30" wide; 41 lbs $607.00
3776A 6' x 30" wide; 41 lbs $638.00
3778 8' x 30" wide; 49 lbs $679.00
3778A 8' x 30" wide; 49 lbs $710.00
3769 This item is not available. $285.00  

Muslin Foam Pad Covers

Extend the life of your foam pads with our protective Muslin Pad Covers. Made from a durable cotton-poly blend, these covers are fitted to the width and thickness of your foam and feature a Velcro® enclosure on one side. Each cover includes a handle to make carrying your pads from place to place a snap. Available for both rectangle and trapezoid pads. All covers are 30" in width.  Inches refer to foam dimensions. 

Custom sizes available upon request.
Specify the foam width and thickness in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" area of your shopping cart.
Custom muslin pad covers are not returnable.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3032M Rectangular 3' x 2" $34.95
3032MT Trapezoidal 3' x 2" $34.95
3033M Rectangular 3' x 3" $34.95
3033MT Trapezoidal 3' x 3" $34.95
3034M Rectangular 3' x 4" $34.95
3034MT Trapezoidal 3' x 4" $34.95
3043M Rectangular 4' x 3" $39.95
3043MT Trapezoidal 4' x 3" $39.95
3044M Rectangular 4' x 4" $39.95
3044MT Trapezoidal 4' x 4" $39.95
3064M Rectangular 6' x 4" $54.95
C3200 Call for Quote $0.00
CMUSLIN Trapezoid 4' $0.00
3251P This item is not available. $25.00  
3259P This item is not available. $42.50  

Peery Rak Pak

Sturdy Cordura® fabric makes up the Peery Rak Pak, a carrying case designed specifically to hold the racks and supports for four Peery Handbell Tables (eight racks and 16 supports). It may be carried by attached soft handle. For use with Peery Music Racks only.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
CPRAK $180.00

Peery Table Protectors

Table Protector bags are made from rugged 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura® and are waterproofed by a urethane covering. Coil-type zippers, designed for use in sports bags, extend around the bag to make inserting and removing the table easy.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
CPTPG 24" or 30" $190.00
CPTPM 24" or 30" $165.00
CPTPP 24" or 30" $160.00
CPTPS 24" or 30" $190.00
CPTPU 24" or 30" $205.00

Rak Pak

Sturdy Cordura® fabric makes up the Rak Pak, a carrying case designed specifically to hold the racks and supports for four Peery Handbell Tables (eight racks and 16 supports). It may be carried by attached soft handle. For use with Peery Music Racks only.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
CJRAK Holds 8 racks and 16 supports $180.00

Replacement Parts Compatible with Peery Products

Aluminum rack supports with acrylic racks hold music up off the table surface allowing for a smaller table without losing playing surface.  Take advantage of the quantity discount price of $60 each when you purchase two or more aluminum support racks at the same time.

Aluminum supports and acrylic racks are only compatible with Peery Products.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3630 Aluminum Support $85.00
3631 This item is not available. $85.00  

Schulmerich Handbell Table

This transportable table is designed with you in mind. It has a finished 3/8" Lite Ply with a High Pressure Laminate “HPL” top which is more impact-resistant than wood. A crimped aluminum edge protects the finished top for years to come. The tables have durable steel legs and a secure locking system. They’re sized for flexible set-up and comfortable ringing—36" long by 30" wide—and they’re height adjustable from 29" to 42". Each weighs 30 lbs. Shipping costs are actual.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3798 30 lbs $525.00

Table Legs with Adjustable Height

You can build your own tabletops for your special needs, then add our legs. Leg sets include four completely assembled legs, mounting brackets, drilling templates, installation instructions and mounting screws. Height is adjustable from 28" to 42".

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3786 Right Leg - Round tube $50.00
3787 Left Leg - Round tube $50.00
3799 Set of 4 Legs (2 Right, 2 Left) - $150.00

1 - 13 of 13 records