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Grand Staff Poster

This Grand Staff Poster is now more useful than ever! The first side serves as a quick reference by showing the notes on the Grand Staff. Flip it over, and it shows the notes on a keyboard. Printed on 28" x 20" non-glare heavy paper, it's large enough to be seen by the entire choir, band, or classroom and durable enough for years of use.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1397 $8.00

Handbell Healing Hot or Cold Pack

Soothe injuries, aches and pains from ringing with our new Handbell Healing hot and cold pack. This colorful health and wellness tool is both microwave and freezer safe and is reusable and non-toxic.
If dropped, the item will not shatter or break. Instructions are printed on the back of the product.
CAUTION: Product will be HOT after microwaving.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5395 7 1/4 " x 4 1/4 " $8.95

Handbell Terms Posters

Handbell Terms 1 is a six-poster set, 11" x 17", describing Ring, Shake, Damp, Thumb Damp, Pluck, and Martellato techniques. Handbell Terms 2 is a six-poster set, also 11" x 17", describing Ring, Mallets: Bells Suspended, Shelley Ring, Mallets: Bells on Table, LV "Let Vibrate", Four-in-Hand, and Swing techniques. These informative posters are also frameable!

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5411 Set of 6 Posters $12.00
5412 Set of 6 Posters $12.00

Healthy Ringing for Handbells and Handchimes®

The new printing of Healthy Ringing® has finally arrived! It's the same book trusted for years in the handbell community, just with a bit of a facelift with a new cover! Also, a new perfect binding makes the book easier to use and store.

Written by Susan Berry and illustrated by Allan Berry

Healthy Ringing® is the comprehensive guide to proper ringing. This remarkable book carefully describes and illustrates handbell and handchime fundamentals.

Also see the "Healthy Ringing"® Sheet Lifter.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1250 Book $29.95

"Healthy Ringing"® Sheet Lifter

This durable and informational sheet lifter gives you tips on stretching the shoulders and neck, arms, hands, back, feet and legs in preparation for ringing the healthy way. Also see the Healthy Ringing for Handbells and Handchimes® book.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1255 Healthy Ringing® Exercises $3.00

King Keyboard / Grand Staff Combo®

Our king-sized keyboard (C octave) has been redesigned! Now you can use it as a "walk-on" teaching tool, or you can hang it on the wall to show the new grand staff on the back! This is a great way to teach beginners the musical alphabet, steps and skips, up and down, etc. The durable, heavy vinyl is washable and measures 3' 3"x 6', and grommets have been added across the top to make hanging a cinch. Suggested activities and storage tube included.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1409 $75.00

Learning to Ring Poster Pack

Eight basic techniques described and illustrated on eight separate posters. These posters are part of the Learning to Ring series of materials. We also have other educational posters.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5415 Set of 8 Posters $24.95

Mini-Pins Page Turners

These great mini-pins make marking your pages of music for easier turning, not only easy, but also fun! These mini-pins measure 1" in length and are made of wood. They come in natural wood or assorted colors in packs of 50.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1530 Natural Wood Page Turners $3.50
1531 Assorted Colors Page Turners $3.50

Mollard Double Baton Cases

Mollard baton cases are handcrafted of richly grained walnut, cherry, or white oak hardwoods and are designed to carry two 12" or 14" batons.  Cases for single, 16" batons are also available (item #s 1704 & 1705).

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1700 White Oak $107.95
1701 Cherry $107.95
1702 Walnut $107.95

Mollard Universal Baton Cases

The soft, padded interior of these cases gently cradles your batons. Cases are made of richly grained hardwoods. Available in cherry and walnut finishes. Holds a single baton up to 16'.  Cases that hold two 12"-14" batons are also available (item #s 1700, 1701 & 1702).

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1704 Cherry $107.95
1705 Walnut $107.95

Nylon BatonTote

This item has become an extremely popular accessory to Mollard batons. It is a reinforced, tri-fold wallet for batons up to 16" (405mm) in length. It features loops for securing up to four batons, a stiff spine, black nylon covering and Velcro® closures.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1703 Tri-Fold Wallet $48.95

Reference Guide, Handbell Notation/Solo Ensemble

Standard AGEHR Notation sheet Lifter/Reference on one side; solo and ensemble on reverse side.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5425 Handbell Notation/Solo & Ensemble Notation $3.00

Seiko DM-51 Clip-On Metronome

Handy clip design lets this portable metronome attach almost anywhere you like! This metronome displays a clock when turned off and can be attached to almost anything, from music scores to clothes. Compact in size. but with a loud, clear sound and dial-style volume control. Features a high contrast LCD display and flashing LED lights to indicate tempo. Tempo Range: 30-250 (221 Steps), Beat: 0-7.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1594 Silver $34.95
1595 Black $34.95

"Ten Commandments for Handbell Ringers" Poster

The ever-popular "Ten Commandments for Handbell Ringers" has now been immortalized in poster form! Fun and witty, this is the perfect addition to any bell room or practice area. 20"x26".

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5413 $8.00

The Frazzled Ringer Poster

This frazzled ringer doesn't know what to do, and we can all relate. Caption on poster says, "You want me to do what with these? Join the Fun Ring Bells". See our entire line of Frazzled Ringer items!

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5416 $8.00

UltimaGlove 2 - No Plastic Dots

Same great features as the Ultima Glove but without the plastic dots. The reinforced areas include the thumb, index finger and middle finger. The comfortable 1" wide elastic band with Velcro® fastener provides security and a gentle wrist support. Available in five sizes; white or black. We have received our shipment of improved Ultima and Ultima 2 gloves, but we still have inventory remaining of the last shipment! We have decided to put the remaining gloves on sale for $2.00 per pair- take advantage and order today!

Item # Detail Price Qty.
S2141 White, X-Small
 $5.25  $2.00
S2145 This item is not available.
 $5.25  $2.00
S2151 This item is not available.
 $5.00  $2.00

Wrist Supports

Our wrist supports conform to the hand and flex naturally, providing support for all ringers. Velcro® closures engage at any point along its support surface, ensuring the proper fit. Our supports can endure multiple washing without losing strength.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
6002 Ambidextrous Wrist Support $7.95
6003 Right Hand $13.95
6004 Left Hand $13.95
6005 This item is not available. $50.00  

< 21 - 37 of 37 records