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KidsPlay® Handbell Sets

Top quality construction and amazingly clear intonation make these handbell sets a great value. Each of the brightly-colored, easy-to-handle metal bells has note names and numbers for the scale tone clearly marked on top of the handle. The handles are 5" long, enabling players to grasp the bells securely.

For more advanced ringers, item # 4075 consists of 25 black and white bells which correspond to a piano keyboard.

The heavy-duty nylon cases* (purchased separately) make storing and transporting bells easy. 

Additional music designed for KidsPlay Bell Sets or any 8-20 note instrument is available. We also have color-coded cards and an instructional video available for use with these Handbell sets!

*Cases have a 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase.  Cases are NOT included.

Stock Number Detail - Note Range Price Qty. Ship
4075 25 Note Set Black/White   - 25 chromatic (black/white) bells low G to high G $195.00 S
4079 5 Note Super Expansion Set   - add-on to 20 note set low G, G#, and high F, F#, G $58.00 S
4080 8 Note Set   - 8 diatonic bells middle C to treble C $48.00 S
4081 5 Note Chromatic Set   - add-on to 8 note set C#, D#, F#, G#, A# $42.00 S
4082 7 Note Expansion Set   - add-on to 13 note set low A, A#, B and high C#, D, D#, E $58.00 S
4083 13 Note Set   - 13 chromatic bells middle C to treble C $90.00 S
4084 20 Note Set   - 20 chromatic bells low A to high E $145.00 S
4085 25 Note Set   - 25 chromatic (colored) bells low G to high G $200.00 S
4086 Handbell Case   - case for 8 note sets   $17.00 S
4087 Handbell Case   - case for 13 note sets   $31.00 S
4088 Handbell Case   - case for 20 note sets   $44.00 S