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Morning Song

Review:      The innovative “Split-Level Series” features Level 2 pieces with specific Level 1 positions, to seamlessly integrate new or beginning ringers into an established group; also useful for multiple-grade ensembles in schools and multi-level Festivals. Please note: Morning Song A&B is the same tune as Matinata I & II(RE230312) and Matinata III (RE30023) but is set in different keys – so neither Morning Song A nor Morning Song B are compatible with any Matinata settings. Kathleen Wissinger’s Morning Song features a sprightly melody that relies on a core of 5 L2 ringers using 8th notes, while the optional “outlying” L1 positions (from zero to 6 ringers) invite newer ringers to confidently play with simpler chords and quarter notes. Offered in 2 settings in different keys (D for 2-5 oct. & Ab for 3 oct.) to allow flexible assigning of your L1 ringers to select the best range for them. A variety of techniques are used in appropriate ranges, and a Unison Exercise sheet is included to prepare your ringers for the rhythms and techniques used in the piece - as well as a bonus processional! Also part of the “Class ring Series,” Morning Song is a great teaching piece for your L2 ringers as the 8th note pairs are all rung by individual ringers, making them much easier to count and ring. 30 measures.

Published by: ringTrue

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 Part of the Series:
Split Level Series - ringTrue
Wissinger, Kathleen
Season: All Year
Classification: Church or Concert , Concert , Original Composition , Secular
Technique: Mallet , Echo , Gyro , Martellato Lift , RT (Ring Touch) , LV (Let Vibrate) , Martellato
Voicing: Handbells, No Choral
Bells Used: Two Octaves: 11 Bells; Three Octaves: 25 Bells; Four Octaves: 28 Bells; Five Octaves: 32 Bells
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