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  Series Title: First String - ringTrue

Song Title Composer(s) Arranger(s) Octaves
  12 Bells + a Solo Traditional Spiritual Wissinger, Kathleen 2
Review: “12 Bells + a Solo” showcases an easy 8-Bell melody line (Belltree solo or 1-4 Ringers) and challenges 3-6 ringers on a thoughtful L3 12-bell accompaniment at the same time! The featured tune, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” will engage your audience with swing and triplet rhythms at an easy pace. You’ll be amazed how rich and full 12-bells can be as an accompaniment!
  Adventure Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3
Review: Take 1 to 9 ringers on an “Adventure” with this spunky piece that showcases the virtuosity of 1 to 4 ringers playing a Level 2+ non-stop 8-bell 8th-note melody line (using Bell Tree, Four-in-Hand (4iH) or regular assignments) – plus an easier Level 2- accompaniment option for 1 to 5 additional ringers (or Orff, piano, harp or even Boomwhackers ᴿ!). Many options for performance are noted, including playing it with 2 ringers 4iH-ing the melody line and 2 ringers covering the accompaniment.
  Amazing Grace Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3
Review: Refresh your vision of this beloved tune with "Amazing Grace 1" – playable as a 1-octave Bell Tree Solo, a 4iH Duet, or an 8-Bell Ensemble ("A" uses G5-G6 and "B" uses C6-C7) with piano or harp accompaniment. Bells and accompaniment work together to weave a lovely tapestry. Written as a first-experience Bell Tree piece for an adept ringer, the patterns in the Bell Tree sound complex but are easy to learn. It’s perfect for any part of a worship service.
  Best Gift III and IV Wissinger, Kathleen 3

Hear the drone of the bagpipes! This original Celtic jig for Bell Tree, 4iH duet or small ensemble will delight your ringers and audience from the first note of the lilting original melody and the unusual turns it takes.

  Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy Tschaikovsky Wissinger, Kathleen 3-5
Review: Brighten your Christmas concert series with this outstanding piece for Bell Tree or a ringing duet! "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy", carefully transcribed from Tschaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, is a holiday classic that sparkles as a 3 oct. medium-difficult Bell Tree Solo (or handbell duet).
  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 3
Review: A perfect holiday showcase for an adventurous Bell Tree Soloist! - Spanning D5-C7; Medium Difficulty due to the tempo and the wide range of bells and keys used. This refreshing take on a well-loved carol approaches each verse boldly with a different character. The included piano accompaniment will delight your pianist with challenging patterns and a strong section with the melody as well. Truly this is an equal and joyous collaboration between Soloist and Pianist.
  Griffin's Hornpipe 2 (Praise God's Name With Dancing) Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5

Showcase from one to eight bell tree ringers accompanied by their fellow ringers all within 3 octaves (with more opt. bells) in this reproducible score This catchy original Celtic tune in ABCA form is easily learned and will brighten any concert, festival, or worship service (with the subtitle "Praise God’s Name with Dancing" based on Psalm 149:3).

  Griffins Hornpipe 3 (Praise God's Name With Dancing) Wissinger, Kathleen 1-3
Review: A lively original Celtic tune (using only 8 bells, for Beginning Bell Tree soloists) starts in Dorian mode, shifts into Ionian, then back. Using the subtitle “Praise God’s Name with Dancing,” it is equally at home in worship, concert, festival or classroom.
  I Love to Tell the Story - A Fischer, William G. Wissinger, Kathleen 2
Review: This gentle L2 rendition of the beloved hymn tune HANKEY features an easy optional Bell Tree obbligato, adding a soft sparkle to the rich chording and simple melody. Two non-compatible scores offer different range possibilities.

Score A is for 2 octaves with optional C5-C6 or C6-C7 Bell Tree.

  I Love to Tell the Story - B Fischer, William G. Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5
Review: This gentle L2 rendition of the beloved hymn tune HANKEY features an easy optional Bell Tree obbligato, adding a soft sparkle to the rich chording and simple melody. Two non-compatible scores offer different range possibilities.

Score B is for 3 or 5 octaves with optional B-flat3 and F5 to F6 Bell Tree.

  Jesus Loves Me Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3
Review: Introduce an aspiring ringer to Bell Tree or solo/duet ringing with this very easy, straightforward 1 octave rendition of Jesus Loves Me. It is accessible for 1, 2 or 3 octaves thanks to five score formats. All BT scores can also played as Early Beginner piano scores – and each range has a very easy piano accompaniment allowing 2 young musicians to successfully collaborate in worship or concert.
  Little Rock Brokering, Lois Wissinger, Kathleen 1-3
Review: “Little Rock” is a simple engaging song about creation by Lois Brokering with a repetitive text and a catchy tune. Many performances options are included: 1) Handbell Bell Tree Solo and piano; 2) Children’s Anthem and Piano with opt. C instrument and guitar; 3) Children’s Anthem with self-accompanying chords in a charted chord score; 4) Include the congregation in the fun with the Bulletin insert or text slides; 5) Add a very easy L1 1-3 oct. Handbell/Handchime score; 6) Mix and Match any or all of the possibilities!
  Quiet Prayer Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3
Review: Perfect for a quiet moment in worship or concert, this piece features a lovely melody with a simple ostinato in the lower bells. Ideal for a Bell Tree duet (sharing one bell), it can also be played as a solo by omitting the embellished voice, or as a 12-bell 4iH Trio or a ringing ensemble.
  Savior of the Nations Come Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 3-5
Review: Mysterious and lush: 2 options in this flexible score allow anywhere from a single Bell Tree Soloist up to a full 5 octave choir using suspended mallet rolls to perform this brief but lovely piece for Advent and the Holidays. There is also an opt. chime duet Eb5-C7, 13 chimes.
  Skip Jack Wissinger, Kathleen 3
Review: This original Celtic jig of Medium difficulty can be played by 2-11 ringers using bells and opt. chimes. The jaunty melody (A5-C7) can played by Belltree solo, a 4iH duo or 3-6 ringers, and the supporti
  Thankful Heart, A Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3
Review: An initial offering in the new “First String Series” (featuring belltree pieces for one octave, more or less), “A Thankful Heart” will fast become a go-to favorite for its lovely theme and its versatility: play it as a simple, poignant belltree solo on 8 bells using either G5-G6 or C6-C7 – or add the piano accompaniment for a fuller presentation.
  Trumpet Tune Clarke, Jeremiah Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3
Review: Part of the First String series of bell tree pieces of one octave, more or less, Jeremiah Clarke’s "Trumpet Tune" is iconic for wedding processionals – and will be welcome as a festive note in worship and concert as well.
  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 1 or 3
Review: Bell Trees are intriguing and so much fun to play! Let’s start with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”! The first three progressive 6-bell Bell Tree pieces (Scores A - Very Easy, B - Easy & C - Medium Easy) were featured in the Spring 2019 issue of Overtones. A few more challenging variations are included in this folio (D1- Med. Difficult and E - Difficult) - plus a duet option (D2 - Medium) - plus a piano accompaniment for each setting – and all are reproducible. Each short piece stands on its own – but all versions can be tied together and presented as a medley – presented by different ringers - or by a single ringer - for a nice surprise in a concert or a capstone presentation at the end of a workshop.
  Veni Emmanuel Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 2, 3 or 5

Emmanuel (15th century, France), perfectly embodying that special feeling of wonder as we anticipate the coming of the Christ Child. Set in two ranges – for 2 octaves or 3/5 octaves – each version includes options for Bell Tree solo (G5-G6 or C6-C7) or a ringing soloist (or 2, 3 or 4 ringers) on a separate set of chimes (these are the easiest options for the 2 oct. version, as ringing parts for chimes and bells often cross voices.)