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  Series Title: Class Ring - ringTrue

Song Title Composer(s) Arranger(s) Octaves
  40 Days in the Desert Peters, William 3-5
Review: Haunting and heroic at the same time, “40 Days in the Desert” captures struggle and victory within the same breath. Written in single pulse 3/4 time, the strong melodic lines are supported by even stronger chords in c minor, with shifts in harmonics to G Major that brighten the mood briefly: Perfect for Lent, Passion Week, or any meditative moment in worship. When using the subtitle “The Ghost of Success” for secular concert and festival, the audience might be reminded of an Anime theme, which is not surprising since the composer, William Peters, was in 7th grade when he wrote this piece. He asked his handbell teacher (Kath Wissinger) to look at it and see if it would work for bells. With some very minor editing, William’s score showcases a new creative talent in handbells and beyond.

  Behold the Heavens Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: Imagine the awe and reverence felt when viewing a million twinkling stars and the expanse of the Milky Way on a dark, clear night captured in music: “Behold the Heavens.” Calm and ethereal, this piece is perfect for a meditative moment in worship, concert or festival.
  Bronze Fanfare Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: The bold chords and interesting harmonies in "Bronze Fanfare" will entice your ringers to master new techniques systematically introduced throughout this pedagogical piece.
  Brother James' Aire Bain, James MacBeth Wissinger, Kathleen 3-5
Review: The simple familiar tune by James Macbeth Bain (often paired with the text “The Lord’s My Shepherd”) is introduced with a lush, sustained singing bell chord. The second verse is supported with an easy alternating 8th note accompaniment, then suspended mallets and, near the end, fuller chords that strengthen the theme.
  Covenant Wissinger, Kathleen 3
Review: “Covenant” is bold and uplifting, perfect for worship, concert or school programs. Level 1 for 3 octaves, it involves every ringer throughout and is fun to ring with its not-so-usual ABC form in Eb major. (Your AB5 ringer will be happy to ring more than usual – AND on the final chord!) Subtitled “The Road Home,” this is also a great teaching piece: beginning ringers experience simple syncopation, ties, question/answer format, musical form, augmented rhythm, triads in closed and open positions, repeated motifs, parallel motion, dynamic contrast, scales and embellishment. Clever and engaging, simple and straightforward, the performance time is 1:45. C Instrument or Bell Tree included.
  Day to Celebrate, A Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: A grand prelude for worship, concert or festival, “A Day to Celebrate” is bold and rhythmic –with strong chords and a bright melody. Add the optional trumpet to make this fanfare really sparkle! A calmer middle section is in the relative minor key. Two Level 2 settings in this original piece’s folio allow for flexibility: “A” covers 2 oct. (G4-G6) or 2½ oct. (C4-G6) while “B” covers 3 to 5 octaves. Choose the setting that best fits your group – note they are in different keys (“A” is in C, “B” is in F), so they are not compatible.
  Dorian Epic Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5

Written during the siege of Hurricane Dorian along the Atlantic coast of the U.S. (Spring 2019), “Dorian Epic” is a strong, engaging Level 1 piece offering hands-on experience playing in “Dorian mode” (with lowered 3rd and 7th tones in the major scale). The versatile folio includes four settings of this original piece.

  Down By the Riverside Traditional Spiritual Wissinger, Kathleen 2
Review: Your ringers and audience will love this upbeat spiritual that surprises with marts and claps in the final section! "Down by the Riverside" is offered in two different 2-octave versions: "A" is Level 2- and "B" is Level 1+, an important distinction in this case.
  Enjoy the Ride Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: A fun and carefully constructed intro to 8th notes, assuring success for your ringers. Two non-compatible settings in one folio allow directors to choose which version works best for their ensemble’s range and skill level. Use the alternate title "Glorify the Lord" for worship services.
  Failing Light Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5

This simple introspective L1 piece for 3 or 5 octaves is the culmination of a 5-month class composition project at Redeemer Classical School where Kath Wissinger teaches. Step-by-step, the rhythm, melody, chords and structure of the piece were created, studied, performed, revised and voted on many times. All ringers are actively involved throughout the piece, and the melody passes between bass and treble clef. With its haunting theme and variations,“Failing Light” is perfect for worship, concert, school, or even a beginning ringer festival.

  Gather Thankful People Various Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: This L2- Thanksgiving medley for 2 to 5 octaves, “Gather, Thankful People,” is perfectly timed for ringers starting up their performance season. The hymns “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come” (ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR) and “We Gather Together” (KREMSER) are carefully crafted for a big, full sound with scoring that assures success for your ringers. All ringers are fully involved throughout, with echoes, thumbs damps and a few marts adding sparkle.
  Gentle Mary Laid Her Child Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: The iconic holiday tune for Gentle Mary Laid Her Child (or, Good King Wenceslas) is from a Finnish collection of European carols from the 16th century. The simple, catchy melody line and carefully isolated accompaniment voices allow beginning ringers to confidently ring this holiday favorite in church, concert or school.
  Griffin's Hornpipe 1 (Praise God's Name With Dancing) Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5
Review: This catchy original Celtic tune in ABCA form is easily learned and will brighten any concert, festival, or worship service (with the subtitle "Praise God’s Name with Dancing" based on Psalm 149:3). A great L2 teaching piece for form, eight notes, and beginning bell tree as well as for blank key signature modes (Dorian and Ionian).
  Hark the Herald Angels Sing Mendelssohn, Felix Wissinger, Kathleen 2, 3 or 5
Review: Perfectly timed for beginning ringers to shine with 8th notes at Christmas in worship or concert! Carefully scored for ease of reading, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” features clearly notated repeated or adjacent 8th notes for all ringers. Two score formats in different keys allow full participation according to the bell range available.
  Hornpipe and Dance Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: Mallets and echoes - a contrast in staccato and legato. "Hornpipe & Dance" features both techniques in 3 score versions that accommodate 6 ringers on 12 bells up to a full 5-octave ensemble. Three scores offer easier reading for different ranges.
  In the Beginning (Opus Primus) Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5
Review: Take a group of lively, creative 5th graders who are in their 2nd year of ringing, lead them through a carefully sequenced composing project – and here’s the result--fun, accessible L2 piece with lots of personality – and lots of techniques, of course! “In the Beginning” is aptly named – and appropriate for general worship – use the original title “Opus Primus” (First Work) for concert and festival use.
  Ionian Columns (Strong Faith) Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: Go boldly into quarter notes!! Written with developing ringers in mind, "Ionian Columns" focuses on the Ionian mode, using the key signature of C Major. Block chords represent the stately historic columns, and the melody, the scrolled decorations at the top. Harmonic seconds, gyros, optional mallets on tabled bells, double voicing, and carefully isolated parts provide many teaching moments. Use the sacred subtitle "Strong Faith" for worship settings.
  I Saw Three Ships Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 2, 3 or 5
Review: This jaunty 17th century English carol is perfectly timed for a beginning Fall group to master by Christmas-time. Part of the “Class ring” series, “I Saw Three Ships A & B” introduces ¾ time and includes a Unison Exercise page to teach all the skills and theory required in the piece.
  Jesus Jesus Rest Your Head Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 2, 3 or 5
Review: This simple Kentucky carol invites you to sit at the manger in wonder. Scored in two non-compatible settings (“A” for 2 octaves and “B” for 3 or 5 octaves for handbells or hand chimes) this gentle Level 1 piece in slow 4/4 meter is carefully arranged to involve all ringers without being overbearing.
  Matinata I and II Wissinger, Kathleen 3-5

“Split-Level” pieces for Level 1 and 2 ringers - Just what you’ve been waiting for! The innovative “Split-Level Series” features Level 2 pieces with specific Level 1 positions, to seamlessly integrate new or beginning ringers into an established group; also useful for multiple-grade ensembles in schools and multi-level Festivals. Please note: Morning Song A&B (RE2302AB) is the same tune as Matinata I, II & III but is set in different keys – so neither Morning Song A nor Morning Song B are compatible with any Matinata settings. All three Matinata settings ARE compatible.

  Matinata III Wissinger, Kathleen 3-5
Review: Part of the “Class ring Series” from Kathleen Wissinger which offers carefully written pieces for teaching ringers new skills, Matinata III’s sprightly melody includes all ringers in a series of carefully placed 8th notes pairs (each pair belongs to only one ringer) making them much easier to ring.
  Morning Song Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: The innovative “Split-Level Series” features Level 2 pieces with specific Level 1 positions, to seamlessly integrate new or beginning ringers into an established group; also useful for multiple-grade ensembles in schools and multi-level Festivals. Please note: Morning Song A&B is the same tune as Matinata I & II(RE230312) and Matinata III (RE30023) but is set in different keys – so neither Morning Song A nor Morning Song B are compatible with any Matinata settings.
  Ode to Joy Beethoven, Ludwig von Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: Ode to Joy, an iconic favorite, is now immediately accessible even to very new ringers - with two Level 1 reproducible scores to choose from, each with individual extracted coordinating parts for every ringer. This short chordal setting allows anywhere from 8 to 28 bells be used, from 2 octaves to 5 octaves.
  Plaisir D'Amour Martini, Jean Paul Egide Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5
Review: A delight to ring and listen to, “Plaisir D’Amour” (The Pleasure of Love/My God Loves Me), is based on a French love song (c. 1784 by Jean-Paul-Égide Martini). Your audiences will recognize it as the inspiration for Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (c.1961) - as well as for the 20th c. hymn “My God Loves Me.” And every ringer will enjoy mastering the easy 8th notes in 6/8 time while playing this L2 3 or 5 oct., smooth, soulful tune.
  Providence Wissinger, Kathleen 3-5
Review: This cheery 3-5 oct. Level 1+ piece will delight your ringers and audience with its bold chords, catchy melody, Mixolydian mode and many techniques. Crafted with particular care by an experienced handbell teacher, “Providence” allows ringers to experience more challenging and harmonically-interesting music in an easy-to-read score.
  Sakura I Japanese Folk Song Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5
Review: Beginning ringers will love presenting this grand piece based on a beloved Japanese folk song. Also compatible with Sakura II (a Level 2 version), Sakura I is ideal to showcase multiple grades in a school program or as an all-inclusive piece in a multi-level Festival setting.
  Sakura II Japanese Folk Tune Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5
Review: This enchanting Japanese folk song will inspire your ringers. A fine teaching piece for matching ringing strokes on chords and playing melodic 8th note lines with balanced tone and rhythm – as both clefs play each part in turn. Bold and full, Sakura II will become a favorite concert or Festival piece whether played alone or paired with other ringing ensembles playing Sakura I (a compatible Level 1 version).
  Salamander Tales and Gecko Antics (Faithful Devotion and Joyous Day) Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: Level 1 fun with our favorite amphibians! Two perfectly paced pieces for ringers moving from whole and half notes to quarter notes, with the added enticement "Everyone gets to play flats – including Gb!" Your ringers will be excited to have "real" music with a fun colorful cover that they can confidently learn and perform.
  Shenanigans Wissinger, Kathleen 2-5
Review: Your ringers will enjoy every antic in "Shenanigans" – 8th note half-steps, surprising harmonic shifts with lots of accidentals, sneaky marts and mart lifts. Two non-compatible scores are included in the folio: "A" for 3-5 oct. and "B" for 2 or 2 ½ octaves (G4-G6, opt. C4-F4). This flexibility allows as few as 5 or 6 ringers and as many as 13 ringers to participate in this fun L2 piece. "Shenanigans", with its quirky melody line and ever-shifting harmonies, will become a favorite of your students in concerts, contests and festivals. Use the sub-titles "Trick or Treat' for a seasonal program or "Trial and Temptation" in a sacred worship setting.
  Square One Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3

"Square One" is designed to be a complete pedagogical Level 1 method for teachers and directors.This long-awaited teaching method is now available! Proven in classroom and concert, "Square One" builds ringer confidence and knowledge step by confident step. Note reading on the staff and good ringing technique are introduced with carefully planned first-ringing experiences. Sixteen successive lessons, lettered A through P, are crafted to build skills and use rote/unison & chordal exercises, engaging etudes, and assessment pages.

Digital version available with purchase and registration of Square One. To register your purchase, click HERE.

  Square One Sampler Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3
Review: “Painted Desert” is a lovely, dignified solo piece for L1 groups and is also compatible with a soon-to-be-released 3-5 oct. version – making it ideal for multiple grade/class/level presentations/concerts and for multi-level festival repertoire options. Great for workshops, classes or pedagogical studies – and to get a feel for the methodology used in Square One (RE3013R).
  Square One Suite Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3
Review: The capstone 3-piece suite featured at the end of the Square One method book is also available in this separate folio for concert, worship or festival use. Almost all techniques and theory covered in Square One lessons are included in one of these three engaging pieces.
  Surprise! Haydn Wissinger, Kathleen 2-3

Haydn’s familiar 4th “Surprise” Symphony springs to life in this fun piece with thumb damps or marts and echoes. Optional repeats (one with first and second endings) in both the A and B sections allow for a longer performance. Easy 8th note runs for a few ringers add some sparkle.

  Upbeat Wissinger, Kathleen 2, 3 or 5
Review: “Upbeat!” is exactly that! A lively piece that features….upbeats! Carefully and clearly scored for “new-to-8th-note” ringers, this jaunty piece is easy to ring yet sounds big and complex, so even more established groups will enjoy ringing it as well. The sprightly melody is played in all ranges.
  What Wondrous Love Is This Traditional Wissinger, Kathleen 3 or 5
Review: It’s a rare L1 piece that offers a truly beautiful interpretation that more advanced groups will also love playing - and this is one. Understated and plaintive, yet fully orchestrated for 3 or 5 octaves with compelling harmonic structure, “What Wondrous Love is This?” will become a classic in your group’s repertoire. It’s ideal for bells or chimes - or a mixture of both (options are noted).